The Perfect Interface π [piː] Carbon Signature

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A carbon layer on the bottom side provides even more finesse than the normal version.

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 “It is this realistic and sonically attractive “organicism” that the Pi Carbon Signature adds to each and every LP, no matter how it was recorded.”

Editors choice award. Jonathan Valin in The Absolute Sound April 2021

The Perfect Interface Carbon Signature.

Resonance control between a vinyl disk and the platter is something essential. With it you will be able to achieve the quality of audio you ever dreamt of from your turntable. The base of the Perfect Interface is a very special paper from the tapa cloth tree. This paper is traditionally handmade in Japan, and dried on wood. We further process it at our factory in Mülheim, Germany bringing it to the right shape and properties to be the ultimate interface. One of the essential techniques here is to impregnate it with SteinMusic Maestro Lacquer. SteinMusic Maestro Lacquer is a varnish made out of the most precious natural resins in a unique composition, optimized for perfect resonance control. The idea here is not dampening, but creating an open and organic sound with accurate timing and finesse. The Perfect Interface π [piː] Carbon Signature works perfectly with platters made out of metal, acrylic, wood, or any other material. This also includes platters made out of a combination of different materials. The Perfect Interface π [piː] Carbon Signature is made with only one intention: To let you enjoy the music in all its beauty.

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Positive Feedback Logo “So, vinyl lovers, the Stein Music Perfect Interface Resonance Control mat strikes me as the real deal. I am certainly going to continue to use the Carbon Signature version with our EMT 948 turntable system. And I would recommend Stein Music’s The Perfect Interface as a worthwhile turntable accessory.”

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