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H2 Signature Stand Package

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H2 Harmonizer Package, a unique achievement to get room acoustics to a perfect state. NEW Series! H2 will come packaged in sets of two, which include:
1x H2a

1x H2b
2x Wall brackets
2x Black Stones

2x Stands.
H2’s are available also in white now.

Signature version with built in additional quantum organizers in each H2.


1 Bewertung für H2 Signature Stand Package

  1. Gerald Ludwinski

    Hello All

    First ,I don’t believe in Voodoo or magic,I am also a scientist.I have been into HiFi for over 25 years and had lots or different equipment,far to many to count and like many also wasted lots of money in the process.I have read all the nice reviews about Harmonizers and all sounded good, but what I don’t understand,I am very sceptical about and the Harmonizers I don’t understand.Now I got 4 Harmonizers Signatures with Stands and 7 Blue Suns Signatures and 7 Blue Diamonds.I don’t have words,the positive difference they make is enormous. The clarity,the harmonic development of the music is fantastic,you also get more detail, the sound in open,wide open.The sound sometimes come from sides ,from behind.You are suddenly inside the music and the music become tangible. So natural.Just to give you a honest impression,If you would upgrade from a 300 Euro to a 15 000 Euro CD player and upgrade from a 500 Euro Amp to a 20 000 Euro Amp at the same time,the differences would be much much less.I got a couple of HiFi systems in my home ,different Cd Player and different amps and different Speakers and about 10 different top class cable sets and nothing have made so much of an positive difference.The Harzomizers don’t put their own fingerprint on everything,they show you even more the difference between equipment,but they make music come to live.Please don’t be a fool like me and waited so many years,go and listen to them and I can not think of any system where it wont work.

    This is in my humble eyes the most important HiFi invention in my life,by a mile.I had and have a really good system and nothing come even close to these improvement.Believe me, it give me sleepless nights ,because I would love to understand what is really happening, but I don,t understand Quantum Physics.

    If you got an good or excellent system,forget to get the newest niche Cable or whatever newest flavour of the month,take my word for it ,get engulfed in the music by a full Harmonizer system.

    The service you get is also fantastic.

    I am not family with the Stein Family ,I have not even seen or met them in live and I don’t get paid or get anything for free by writing these words.This only reflects my own opinion.

    Cheers From South Africa

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