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Super Naturals Plus


Super Naturals Plus, the Super Naturals concept updated. Two audio component feet made out of Zebrawood combined with one made out of Olivewood and a refined internal structure give an even more open and natural sound.

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Super Naturals Plus are Steinmusics latest and most sophisticated feet for components and speakers.
They come in sets of three: Two are made out of African Zebrawood, the third is made out of Italian Olivewood.
They contain special ceramic elements, felt pads and perfectly adopted woods. Ceramic has a very fast energy transfer.
The felt pads normally are dampening, but we vacuum impregnated them with a very special lacquer that stabilizes them and turns
the sound to tight but joyful. The carefully selected wood gives the whole composition a very natural sound. It needs 120 steps until one of these items is ready.
Sonically they have a similar signature as the Naturals, but the music is more open and free.

Results that you may get by using Super Naturals Plus
Soundstage becomes wide and open, voices and instruments are placed precise.
Expression of music is fine and subtle, intense but sonorous and colorful.

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